Welcome To The New Black

Here at Gold Creek Simmentals we have some exciting news to share with you that we’ve been sitting on for a wee while.

Over the last year, we bought 50 black Simmentals from some very respectable NZ and Australian studs, with the cows due to calve later on this year.

Black Simmentals already enjoy a great name and reputation in the US and Australian markets, where they are well established by farmers who are looking for more.

These cattle are well known and followed not just for their fantastic growth rates and carcase yield but also their low birth weight, calving ease, fertility – which are attributes that often aren’t associated with Simmentals.

On top of this, Black Simmentals also perform well in IMF and marbling scoring which can in some cases attract premiums through processors’ eating quality programmes.

When first crossed with Angus, these animals get a huge boost in these areas of performance but retain and remain black and polled – and are a beautiful sight to see as a line of cattle in the yards or out in the paddock.

With the beef cattle market dominated by Angus, Black Simmentals offer commercial farmers another option who are looking for the best of both the terminal and maternal worlds but might not have considered the traditional Simmental breed because of what it is perceived to lack in maternal and eating quality characteristics.

We are still committed to breeding high quality, traditional simmentals but see the introduction of Black Simmentals to our herd as another proposition for our farming clients to think about.

At Gold Creek Simmental we like to think that we never rest on our laurels – we push traditional boundaries and always strive to set a higher standard.

This investment into Black Simmentals we hope is more proof of that.

A limited number of Black Simmental bulls will be available to purchase in 2024 but the aim is to get them to feature as a strong line up to compliment our existing Simmentals in our 2025 sale.

We’ve already been fortunate enough to get some interest from commercial clients and we are confident the New Black (as we’ve affectionately titled it!) will attract even more interest as we get closer to sale time.

We will continue to keep you posted on our Black Simmental progress, so stay tuned and make sure you follow our Facebook page for updates.

If you’d like to know more or secure an advance interest in Black Simmentals please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d be happy to talk and discuss possible options with you.

Tom Sanson: 027 248 9098 / goldcreek@gisborne.net.nz