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We breed cattle that will enhance your bottom-line

We have invested significant time and effort into searching for the right genetic material to enhance our breeding programme here at Gold Creek.

Since the Stud’s inception in 2009, we have been running an extensive Embryo Transfer Programme using the best sourced genetics from Canada, USA and South Africa, all sourced via Woonallee Simmentals in Australia.
We have also flushed the very best cows we have on farm to continually lift the quality of calves produced. Every year all mixed age cows are synchronised then inseminated for one cycle – usually with imported semen – then backed up with bulls sourced from studs around New Zealand.

All registered animals have 50k SNP profiles. This will be very useful moving forward helping us to make faster more accurate breeding decisions. It also means calves are parentage verified so clients can be sure pedigrees are correct.